The Jaunty Hats ministry is for women who are temporarily without hair due to chemotherapy treatment.  The hats are knitted or crocheted and are bright, cheerful and stylish.  The purpose of the hats is to lift the spirits of chemotherapy patients and to let those patients know that others do care and are praying for them. Numerous jaunty hat patterns have been developed and many are available, at no charge, through this web site.  A selection of Jaunty Hat patterns can be viewed on this web site by selecting the PATTERNS button on the Main Menu.   They are often decorated, and the decorations are limited only by one’s imagination.  Pins, ribbon, earrings, hair barrettes and other items are often used. The hats are not expensive to make since a hat does not require much yarn. The hats are generally bagged in clear plastic bags along with laundry instructions and a note of encouragement for the recipient.   Hats can be presented to individuals, such as friends or relatives or they can be delivered to a cancer treatment center for distribution.  In the latter case, the accompanying note is at the permission of the treatment center and must meet their requirements.  The ideal situation is that the patient is able to view a large selection of hats, as if she were shopping, and choose the hat(s) best suited to her. Creating Jaunty Hats can be made even more enjoyable if it is done as a group endeavor.  If you are interested in forming a Jaunty Hat Guild, please select the JAUNTY HAT GUILD button on the Main Menu.